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The Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18 was the thirteenth edition of the Sailing World Tour. The Regatta began in Alicante (Spain) on 14 October 2017 and ended in The Hague (Netherlands) on 30 June 2018 with a coastal regatta.

The format of the round the world regatta is divided into 11 ocean stages and 11 coastal races; it is the edition with the most Ocean stages, inshore regattas and nautical miles of all those held so far. The sailing class of the previous version was maintained, the Volvo open 65 for the second year, and due to the changes planned for the next edition, this will be the last.

This edition has undergone several new developments concerning the 2014-15 version, one of the most notable is the possibility of teams using social networks during the stages. The organization has wanted to improve the coverage of the steps further and has kept the reporter on board, a person who does not participate in navigation and is solely responsible for creating multimedia content. The advance of new technologies has allowed drones on board and spectacular videos to be recorded with them. The most noteworthy is the possibility that the teams may vary their crew in the function of the percentage of women and men that go in the race.

Among the thousands of visitors who passed through the Race Village in the morning to participate in the farewell ceremony of the Volvo Ocean Race fleet, were familiar faces of the Sailing World. Among them, we should highlight the former general manager of the regatta, Knut Frosted, who as a spectator more enjoy the ceremony always at the hand of his daughters. Also walked around the Race Village Torben Grael, one of the greatest sailors in history, with five Olympic medals, winner of the Volvo Ocean Race and sailor of America’s Cup. On this occasion, His presence in Alicante was to support and dismiss his daughter, Martina Grael, who competes on board the Dutch team AkzoNobel. He also enjoyed the Race Village, as one more visitor, the director of the Equipo, Antonio Campinos, along with his family.

Since 1973, the Ocean Race has been the most significant examination for a group as well as an unparalleled human adventure. For four years it has exerted a virtually legendary tourist attraction on some of the best seafarers and has been the testing room for the Legends of our sporting activity.

The Ocean Race is frequently referred to as the lengthiest and also most complex specialist sporting activities event on the planet, one of the most challenging team obstacle of sailing and among the three significant events of this sporting activity, along with the Olympic Gamings and also the Copa América.

Nevertheless, to understand the race well, it is better to consider it in a way that the professional athletes who have done it will promptly recognize. The Ocean Race is a fixation, and many of the very best navigators in the world have invested years, also decades of their life, trying to win it.

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