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If you are a sports betting fanatic, understanding betting odds and how they work is important to increase your chances of winning. Therefore, how much do you know about betting odds? In this post, odds are explained to help you increase your winnings. Before we start we like to mention that if you are a beginner, you should start by placing small bets before you are comfortable and know what are you doing. Because of that, we recommend you start at some online casino that accepts minimum deposit and have good bonuses.

Betting Odds Explained: For Beginners

The betting odds are used to express probabilities of an event happening. In sports betting or gambling, they determine the amount of money that your bet will get if your prediction turns out right. Note that the odds offered goes together with the bets on offer.

Betting Odds are presented as pairs of numbers to demonstrate the likelihood of an event occurring. In gambling, they represent the ratio of payoff to stake. Therefore, it is important to ensure you carry own assessment of the event under consideration when selecting the bets as opposed to only looking at the betting odds.

How to Read Betting Odds?

Betting odds can be explained or presented in two ways: a fraction or decimal. For example, an odd can be presented as 4/1 (fraction) or 4.0 (decimal). If betting odd of boat A winning in a race is listed as 9/1, you can use it to calculate the probability of the event happening using the formula below:

Probability in (%) = B/(A/B).

In the example above, 9/1, the probability can be calculated as follows:

1/9 (9+1) =0.10

This means that there is a 10% chance of Boat A winning the boat racing competition. What if another boat B has an odd of 4/1 of winning? Here is how to calculate the probability of that boat winning the race.


This means that there is a 20% chance of Boat B winning the competition.

How Do You Bet on a Boat Race?

Once you have known how to read the boat race bets, you can go ahead and place your bet. There are two ways of betting. You can either bet on sportsbooks or online casinos.

If you opt to use sports betting, you need to get the different types of bets explained. The good thing with boat racing betting is that they are pretty straightforward. Even if you are new, simply check how the concept is explained in different platforms and you will be able to start betting in no time. Here are the two main types of boat racing bets explained.

  • To-win bet: In this bet, you are simply betting on a specific boat racing team to win.
  • Each-way bet: In this type of bet, you will win if the team you select finishes in position one, two, or three. However, the amount you win with each-way bet is smaller compared to the to-win bet.

Another method of betting is using online casinos. These are online versions of land casinos based in top cities such as London, Vegas, and Hong Kong. Online casinos are better than sportsbooks because they offer many no deposit casino bonuses that allow you to place bets for free. If you wonder why online casinos are offering these no deposit bonuses, the answer is simple. Is there better marketing than giving free money to customers to try your games and entice them to stay on your platform? Once you identify and register for a betting account in a legal casino, the offered casino bonus will allow you to practice your strategy and even win real money.

The Final Take

If you are new to sports betting, it is important to get the sport of interest explained well before starting to bet. Besides, you should consider casino betting because it has many game options and diverse bonuses.



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