Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18 achieves record results – The last edition of the Volvo Ocean Race, which left Alicante (Spain) in October 2017 and ended in The Hague (Netherlands) in June 2018, will be remembered for being the most equal in the history of the race and for breaking several records at various levels.

After competing across 45,000 nautical miles around the world, three teams faced the final leg of the race to The Hague with the opportunity to take the title. And the excitement lasted until the last few minutes, in which the Dongfeng Race Team skippered by Charles Caudrelier took the lead ahead of MAPFRE and Team Brunel to clamber up to the highest step of the podium.

In the 45 years of the race, such an outcome had never been experienced. After 126 days of competition, the winners ‘ lead was only 16 minutes.

But in addition to the action on the water, the 2017-18 edition broke records at other levels. More than 2.5 million fans attended to the scales of the regatta, placing in the Volvo Ocean Race at the highest level of international sports events, while establishing new records, both in the interaction with the fans as in the media coverage.

“The importance of sailing around the world in the Valencian Community is evident. According to the study of PwC, to host the start of the race generated the equivalent of about 1270 jobs and contributed to the 68.6 million euros to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the Region, and if we take as a reference to Spain, the impact will amount to 1,700 jobs and 96 million contributions to GDP. Also, the regatta had a fiscal impact of 41 million euros, a significant fact in evaluating this event. Also, in this edition have not only the economic data been relevant but also the promotion of values as essential for our society as the care of the environment, solidarity, and participation,” said Antonio Rodes, general director of the Society of thematic projects of the Valencian Community.

“After analyzing the overall results of this edition, it is clear that the Volvo Ocean Race fits very well with Alicante. The media results of the last edition have broken records, with television coverage throughout the regatta cycle that the city of Alicante has exhibited to the world and has generated more than 650 million euros in advertising terms. It is now ten years since the beginning of the fruitful relationship between Alicante and the regatta, precisely at this moment we continue to work together with enthusiasm for the next start in 2021,” said Antonio Bolaños, Managing director of the Volvo Ocean Race.

Yesterday, after almost 150 days in the ocean and 71,744 km traveled, the crew of the seven teams participating in the Volvo Ocean Race, one of the most robust and most extended sporting events in the world, reached the final goal in Gothenburg.

Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing’s fourth place in the ninth and final leg that began in Lorient last Tuesday 16th has crowned him as a winner of the 2014-15 edition with 24 points. With the Emirati team, a Spaniard, Roberto \’Chunky\’ Bermudez, climbs to the top of the podium for the second time in the 41-year history of the event. Previously only the Catalan Juan Vila had succeeded, aboard the German Ill ruck, in 2001.

Second in Gothenburg has been Team Brunel, which makes it runner-up for the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 with 29 points, and takes another Spaniard, this time the Cantabrian Pablo Arrarte, to the second step of the podium. “It’s my best result in the Volvo, very good, pleased. The weather conditions have not been very harsh, but the boats are very similar, and that has made it very intense.

The Silver will taste bittersweet for its veteran skipper, the Dutch Bouwe Bekking: with this, he has completed his seventh Volvo Ocean Race and has finished as runner-up for the third time. “We are satisfied with our result, “he explained after crossing the finish line. Asked if he will participate in the next edition, his answer was ambiguous, but tending to yes: “I hope there is a Dutch project, and be involved.” If he participated as a sailor, that would be the eighth edition of this inspiring sportsman and would make him the person with the most participation in history.

Mapfre has crossed the finish line in the third position, getting ahead of Dongfeng Race Team almost before arrival thanks to a role savior. Even so, this result gets him off the final podium and causes the draw with Team Alvimedica. It will be the last in-port Race, which will be held on June 27, which decides who finishes fourth and who fifth. Neither of the two possible outcomes seems to satisfy your employer, Iker Martinez. “We think the penalties have been very harsh on us,” he said. Still, Hondarribia thinks that “this is still the Great Ocean Adventure.” The progress of the Spanish team has been evident during this round the world, which began with just three months of preparation. However, penalties for infractions and irregular action have prevented them from getting on the podium.

Despite his fourth place, Dongfeng Race Team completes the final podium by climbing to the third rung, after around full of vicissitudes. The French-Chinese flag team led with Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing the overall ranking when they broke the mast in Stage 5, where it could be the turning point for them. A two-point penalty in Stage 7 and a worse performance during the end of the race ended up complicating their access to the final win.

Team Vestas Wind has crossed the finish line of stage 9, in a sixth-place that they know to victory: against all odds, and after beach in stage 2 on a reef in the Indian ocean, the team of Danish flag managed to rebuild their ship in time to contest the last two steps, and even to finish seventh in the second position.

The female team, Team SCA, has completed the arrivals to Gothenburg, on the heels of Team Vestas Wind. A victory also for each of the women who have formed this 100% female team, and who has been the first to participate in the Volvo Ocean Race in 12 years.

The smiles of all the crew, regardless of the result, reflected the achievement of completing the adamant Volvo Ocean Race. “We have all won because we come home safe and sound,” said Walker, patron of Abu Dhabi.

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